August 2021 NC World University Games Bid News Update

September 2, 2021

Yes, even though it’s the second day of September, you read the heading correctly: this is your August update. Typically our monthly newsletters are distributed on or about the last day of the month. However, we intentionally delayed this update a couple of days in order to be able to share with you the exciting news about our new website, which was announced in a News Release that went out yesterday.

New Website for the World University Games Bid

Thanks to the impressive research and writing of the NC WUG Bid staff and the outstanding design and development work of the team at Hummingbird Creative Group, the new website for North Carolina’s World University Games Bid launched yesterday. The URL for the new site is www.ncwug2027bid.comHill Carrow, Chairman & CEO of the North Carolina Bid Committee, said, “The new website reflects the wide variety and diversity not only of the Games and its participants, but also of the Triangle area. It captures the pageantry of the Summer Games and certainly helps generate great excitement for one of the largest and most important Olympic sports events on earth.” 

The new website replaces the initial website established by the NC Bid Committee at the time of the announcement in February that the Triangle had been selected as the U.S. Candidate City for the Summer Games. That website was designed to be educational and informative, primarily geared towards building awareness of the World University Games and the Bid. Dan Guerrero, President of the U.S. International University Sports Federation (USIUSF), described the new site as taking it to a new level: “It is a world-class site now, both in terms of look and content – appropriately reflective of the global event the United States is seeking to attract and host in 2027.” 

The Hummingbird Creative Group, a Champion level sponsor of the WUG Bid, has been on a roll with its recent designs for the bid effort. The bid logo which appears at the top of this news update, was unveiled in May to universal praise for its attractive design simplicity and strength as well as its multi-layered elements and meanings. The logo was just the start, however. as Wendy Coulter, CEO of Hummingbird Creative Group explains: “To continue raising the event marketing for the event, we developed a suitably elevated website to complement the logo, and, most importantly, to show that the Triangle, North Carolina, and the United States can deliver at a world-class level for an event of the global stature of the World University Games.”

Social Media Support for the Bid

The Bid website may be the initial starting point for information on North Carolina’s bid; however, the bid is also supported by a variety of social media. These social media channels include Facebook (NC 2027 Summer World University Games Bid), Twitter (@NCWUG2027Bid), Instagram (@NCWUG2027Bid), and YouTube (NC WUG 2027 Bid). A direct link to each can be found by clicking on the icons below.

News Briefs

New Sponsors
The Bid Committee welcomes and thanks the newest members of our Sponsor Team: Angus BarnUNC Health, and WakeMed Health.

World Class Medical Team
We are excited that Duke Health, UNC Health, and WakeMed, our three major hospital systems in the Triangle have agreed to join forces both in support of the bid but also to cooperatively develop, and if NC is selected for the Games, to help implement, the Medical Services Plan for the 2027 WUG.

North Carolina Coalition for Global Competitiveness
The Coalition, headed by Elaine MarshallSecretary of State, and Steve TroxlerSecretary of Agriculture, is comprised of over 50 major North Carolina business, community, and governmental leaders focused on enhancing North Carolina’s global competitiveness. Coalition members were enthused to learn about the state’s World University Games bid, seeing it as a great fit with the Coalition’s goals for the state, at a presentation moderated by Tom White, Director of Economic Development Partnerships at NC State University in mid-August.

Support the Bid

You can support the bid in a number of ways: corporate sponsorship, individual contribution, volunteering, or shopping. Visit our new website at and join our team.


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