New Volunteer Opportunity Program Launched for North Carolina Bid for the 2027 Summer World University Games

NEWS RELEASE – October 5, 2021

Cary, North Carolina: The North Carolina Bid Committee (NCBC) today announced the launch of its new Volunteer Opportunity Program (VOP) as part of its bid for the 2027 Summer World University Games. While the VOP is primarily designed to attract volunteers to the state’s efforts to land the Summer World University Games, it has the added benefit of supporting other major sports events in central North Carolina over the next several years and enabling those that participate in the program to work their way up to preferred volunteer status. 

“We currently have several ways that you can support our regional bid for the 2027 Summer World University Games,” said Hill Carrow, Chair & CEO of the North Carolina Bid Committee, “These include sponsorships, contributions, and merchandise purchases, to name just a few. The addition of the Volunteer Opportunity Program provides another means of supporting the bid effort, but at zero cost to the participant.”

A large and experienced volunteer contingent is essential to successful execution of a global Olympic sports event of the magnitude of the Summer World University Games. The WUG’s participant delegation of between 10,000 and 11,000 is second only to the 15,000-member delegation of the Olympic Games. The North Carolina Bid Committee is currently projecting the need for at least 20,000 volunteers to help host a successful Games. This projection is based on the experience of recent Games such as Taiwan that utilized over 20,000 volunteers for the 2017 Summer Games in Taipei. 

The Volunteer Opportunity Program can be found by visiting the North Carolina Bid Committee website and clicking on the “Volunteer” tab, or it can be accessed directly by clicking on this link: Volunteer – World University Games (

The central region of North Carolina already has over 55 major championship competitions in the sports of the Summer World University Games scheduled from mid-2021 through 2026. Those events range from large regional tournaments and state high school championships to State Games competitions and NCAA Championships. And there are undoubtedly more to come as local destination management organizations continue to recruit additional sports events to the area. Each of these events (the VOP refers to them as Qualifying Championship Events or QCE’s) represents a potential volunteer service opportunity, with the added benefit of being able to accumulate points for each service hour to enable volunteers to position themselves for potential top positions within the Summer World University Games volunteer hierarchy, should North Carolina land the Games.

The North Carolina World University Games Bid Volunteer Opportunity Program lists the major events both by year and by sport and provides a contact person for each. The program also details how to go about getting credit for volunteer service hours and accumulating points towards preferred volunteer status. Once volunteers in the program have reached 10 service hours, they will receive a complimentary cloisonne lapel pin featuring the NC USA bid logo.

“We are excited about adding the Volunteer Opportunity Program to the ways that people can get involved in supporting the World University Games,” said Dannan Crabtree, Sport Manager for the bid and the person most responsible for implementing the program. “The VOP is easy to understand and use, and it’s a great way to track your volunteer hours. Most importantly, the VOP will help our potential volunteers for the Games get significant sports event work experience, a necessity for the Triangle and North Carolina to deliver a most successful Summer World University Games.

About the North Carolina Bid Committee: Centered in the heart of North Carolina’s Triangle region, the North Carolina Bid Committee is comprised of individuals who are helping with, supporting, and leading an initiative to recruit and host the 2027 Summer World University Games in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Cary area of North Carolina, commonly referred to as the Triangle. The NCBC is affiliated with, and supported by, the Triangle Sports Commission, which serves Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties in North Carolina. The primary goals of the NCBC are to host one of the best World University Games ever, with a great participant experience being the primary barometer; and to showcase North Carolina, and the communities and universities that comprise the state’s Triangle region, to the world. North Carolina’s bid is currently sponsored by the Angus Barn, Atlantic Tire & Service, Capitol Broadcasting Company, Cary Chamber of Commerce, Contender eSports, Duke Energy, Duke Health, Edge Printed Products, Hummingbird Creative Group, Martin Marietta, McDonald York Building Company, PNC Bank, Raleigh Orthopaedic, Sports & Properties, Inc., Stewart, Triangle Sports Commission, UNC Health, WakeMed, Wasserman, and York Properties, Inc. For more information on the North Carolina Bid Committee or to make a donation to support the bid, visit

About the Summer World University Games: The Summer World University Games are the world’s largest event for student athletes, ages 17-25. The rightsholder for the Games is the International University Sports Federation (FISU), based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The U.S. member of FISU is the United States International University Sports Federation (USIUSF), located in Orlando, Florida. The World University Games got their formal start with the 1959 Games in Torino, Italy, where 985 athletes from 45 countries competed in 7 sports during a 12-day period. In more recent times, Taipei 2017 for example, 7,377 athletes from 134 countries competed over 13 days in 275 competitive events in 22 sports at 60 venues where 1,957 medals were awarded. The 15 required sports of the Summer World University Games are Archery, Artistic Gymnastics, Athletics (Track & Field), Badminton, Basketball, Diving, Fencing, Judo, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Volleyball, and Water Polo. For its bid for the 2027 WUG, the NCBC has proposed Baseball, Rugby 7s, Soccer, and Softball as the “local option” sports. For more information about the World University Games, FISU, and World University Championships, visit

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