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May 27, 2021

Welcome to the May installment of our monthly eNews update. Just in time for your Memorial Day Weekend, we have lots of news to share on North Carolina’s bid for the 2027 Summer World University Games. 

New Dates Set for the 2021 Chengdu Games 

Earlier this month the Executive Board of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the international for the World University Games, met and a number of key announcements came out of those meetings. Importantly, the new dates have now been set for the pandemic-induced postponement of the 2021 Summer World University Games in Chengdu, China. Those Games, which were originally set to be  held in August of this year, will now be conducted from Sunday, June 26 through  Thursday, July 7, 2022. Although the Games will now be held next year, similar to the  way the Tokyo Games this year are still being referred to as the 2020 Olympic Games,  the Summer WUG in 2022 will be called Chengdu 2021. 

Host Cities Selected for 2025 Winter and Summer WUGs 

At that same FISU Executive Board meeting, the city of Turin, Italy, was announced as  the host of the 2025 Winter World University Games, while the Rhine-Ruhr region of  Germany was chosen to host the Summer World University Games that same year. The  Rhine-Ruhr region is considered the industrial capital of western Germany. The  population is roughly the same as our state population in North Carolina, over 10 million,  and there are more than 20 universities. Primary cities include Bonn, Cologne,  Dusseldorf, Essen, Duisburg, and Dortmund. Duisburg hosted the World University  Games previously in 1989. Turin has its own World University Games history as it is  considered the birthplace of the Games. The very first World University Games, a  summer Games, were held there in 1959. 

Competition for the 2027 Summer World University Games 

As hinted in a prior eNews Update, but now officially confirmed, South Korea has  thrown its hat in the ring for the 2027 Summer World University Games. South Korea’s  bid also takes a regional approach and is centered around the city of Daejeon, together  with the nearby cities of Cheongju, Sejong, and Hongseong, and including the provinces  that encompass those cities, North and South Chungcheong provinces. The population  of the region is over 5.5 million and there are said to be as many as 70 universities there.  The South Korea bid has strong leadership as the head of the bid has directed two global  events, excellent experience from Korea’s hosting of the 2015 Summer World  University Games in Gwangju, and the backing of various government entities.  “Competition makes us all better at what we do,” said Hill Carrow, Chairman and CEO  of the North Carolina Bid Committee, “so we look forward to contending with the team  from Daejeon region in the effort to win the 2027 Summer World University Games  bid.” 

Extension of 2027 Bid Process 

During its Executive Board sessions, FISU discussed the bid process for 2027 and indicated several things of note: 

• The Bid process may involve the selection of two cycles of Games hosts at once – Winter and Summer host cities for both 2027 and 2029.
 • The winning host cities are now expected to be announced during the  Winter World University Games in Lake Placid in January of 2023.
 • FISU would like to have the cities bidding for those four Games  determined by January of 2022. 
• The winning cities will likely be determined, but not announced, by mid Fall of next year. 

Presentation to the USIUSF Board of Directors 

The US International University Sports Federation (USIUSF), is the United States’ member of FISU, and is the organization leading America’s bid for the 2027 Summer World University Games. North Carolina’s Triangle area is  considered to be the USIUSF’s Host City Partner in the bid. Given the USIUSF’s  leadership of the 2027 bid, it was particularly momentous when, on Thursday, May 20,  2021, Hill Carrow, Chair of North Carolina’s bid, was given the opportunity to present  the bid to the USIUSF Board members. The presentation went well, and was  enthusiastically received and supported, particularly since there are no less than four of  the USIUSF’s 11 Board members, who live in North Carolina! With the Board’s  knowledge of the Triangle, its universities, and its substantial assets for an event like the  Games, it was a relatively easy decision for them to fully embrace North Carolina’s bid  for the Games 

New Bid Logo 

On Thursday, May 20, the USIUSF unveiled America’s new logo for the bid for the Games – the result of a true team effort among the USIUSF, the NC Bid Committee, and Hummingbird Creative of Cary. “We are excited to make public the iconic look we’ve chosen to represent our efforts to bring the 2027 Summer World University Games to the United States,” said Dan Guerrero, President of the USIUSF. The logo not only represents the Triangle region with its shape, but it complements the international Games logo with its color palette. The logo is actually multi layered and reflects a number of complexities that are further explained in the full news release on the unveiling, which can be found by clicking here. 


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